What is smoking?

Most people just believe that they are a smoker, it’s who they are, and that’s it! They don't think about the fact that in reality they actually smoke for a reason and usually there are positive reasons.

So let's think about it...Why do you really smoke?

The most common answer we receive is “I don’t really know, I just do.......”

However, when pushed further, we may receive responses such as:

"Smoking relaxes me" - By inhaling toxic substances?

"It gets me away from the stress of the office” - Even though the stress is still there when we return!!!

"I just get bored and it gives me something to do" - For the 2 minutes it takes me to have a cigarette!

"All my friends smoke”

"I don't want to put on weight"

"I enjoy it"

...and there are lots more reasons given as to why some people think smoking is a good idea.

Taking all this into account, you can see how many people find giving up smoking, which gives them so much, such a hard thing to do with willpower alone.

If you were consciously in control of your smoking behaviour I am sure you would be able to quit smoking by yourself easily right?

However if you cannot quit by yourself it must mean your unconscious mind is running the smoking habit.

If you do anything 10 times a day for ‘x’ amount of weeks, months and years your body is designed to run it for you automatically. That’s how walking, driving etc have become second nature to us.

Similarly, if you were to smoke 10 times a day for ‘x’ amount of weeks, months or years your body will take on the smoking habit for you. That’s why it can be hard to quit smoking by yourself. The smoking behaviour has become a habit, and even more than that it has become associated to stress, boredom, anxiety, relaxing and socialising,

Smoking is just a behavioural habit, the nicotine itself is not that addictive. That is why a lot of people who smoke, find themselves smoking whilst doing certain activities, such as getting in the car, or with a cup of coffee. Some people may try and give up using nicotine patches, yet even though they are still getting nicotine into their bloodstream, they find themselves returning to cigarettes. Even hardened 30-a-day smokers can manage to fly 24hour flights without even thinking about a cigarette, so how can they be addicted to nicotine? They can’t! But at a Neurological level our minds are have been conditioned, have developed those powerful associations to be a smoker.

But guess what? It does not have to be that way - honest. You can work with us and finally break free of the chains of smoking without gaining weight, being able to deal with stress, boredom and all the other reasons you've smoked for.

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