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stopping smoking easily and effortlessly with Master Hypnotists
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Paul, Luke and Joseph Clough

“I wonder what it what be like to deal with all my problems without the need for a cigarette, so that I can see my problems more clearly?”

“I just can’t see myself starting the day without a cigarette.......”

“I wish I didn’t wake up every morning with that horrible cough”

“I’m scared that if I don’t quit smoking now, I won’t be around for my kids!”

Have you ever walked past a pub or restaurant and seen the ’smokers’ huddled outside in the rain, and thought “I don’t want to be like that anymore”?

Somebody who smokes 20-a-day will spend in the region of £2000 a year......... I wonder what else you would like to spend all that money on....... Holidays, a new car, new clothes.......

Are you ready to finally kick the smoking habit?

Simply click here to contact us to place an enquiry and come along to a free initial consultation with no obligation to proceed and make the best decision you ever will.

We do not offer menaningless guarantees because.........

We have a developed a unique system that can help you now to be free of smoking with Hypnotherapy. We have a combination 20 years of experience in doing just that …allowing people to reap all the benefits without any of the stress of withdrawal or craving.

Are you commited to stop smoking?

Here’s the thing, we do not work with everyone. In fact we choose not to work with people who are not committed in being free of smoking.

Whether you proceed or not, we will give you our audio CD titled 'What Will It Mean?' at our free initial consultation. If you do choose to work with us to become a non-smoker it takes just one session and we also provide you another audio CD to make sure you stay and remain free of smoking.

If you want to learn more reasons to why you may choose to quit click Here

Quit and Stop Smoking in Cambridge, Use our latest methods to finally quit and stop smoking for good.

If you are really serious about quitting and stopping smoking we are located in Cambridge and are easily accessible from the surrounding areas: Newmarket, Ipswich, Ely, Harston, Comberton, Histon, Girton, Waterbeach, Soham, Willingham, Papworth, Duxford, Linton, Royston, Saffron Walden, Huntingdon, Godmanchester, Bury St Edmonds, Norwich, St Neots.